Why did toyota stop making the land cruiser?

Maybe it was because of the van. It was a sad day in the SUV world when the Toyota Land Cruiser was discontinued.

Why did toyota stop making the land cruiser?

Maybe it was because of the van. It was a sad day in the SUV world when the Toyota Land Cruiser was discontinued. Why did the automaker stop producing the land cruiser because of how popular this Toyota SUV was? Perhaps that was its biggest drawback; the Land Cruiser was too popular elsewhere, but not in the United States. But is that really the case? The Toyota Land Cruiser has a large fan base around the world and, in the US.

In the US, the automaker says it will continue to repair the SUV at local Toyota service centers. Unfortunately, that probably won't last long. If a new technician arrives, the staff member may not know about a vehicle from the past. Comparing the Land Cruiser to these numbers gives more information about Toyota's decision to phase out the SUV.

Of course, the LC is still available in many other countries and is more popular than ever. The manufacturer suggested that American buyers consider the Sequoia, 4Runner or Tundra, as they “share the bold spirit and rugged capability of the Land Cruiser”. In conclusion, the Toyota Land Cruiser was discontinued because there weren't enough people in the U.S. UU.

Maybe it was because the SUV lasted too long and the buyers didn't need a replacement. Perhaps it could be to generate expectation for a significant return to the North American market in a year or two. Either way, chances are you won't find the new version at your local dealership this year or next. The Land Cruiser quickly changed to what would be the everyday driving SUV that most families would love, adding more comfort options and less off-road spirit to its production constructions.

The Land Cruiser is the ideal choice when it comes to buying a car that doesn't shine, that likes to get dirty and that lasts kilometers without problems. The new model is in such demand that Toyota last year warned its Japanese dealers not to sell them abroad at huge profits, apparently worried about seeing it in unflattering situations. The Land Cruiser has been proven to be a rugged car that can withstand all-terrain and carry passengers comfortably, more reliable than a Land Rover and more capable than Jeeps. For current Land Cruiser owners, they can rest assured that they will continue to receive high-quality service at their local Toyota service center.

We'll just have to wait for Lexus to bring this new SUV to experience the harshness of the Land Cruiser. Taking the next-generation Supra as an example, Toyota decided to focus on its millions of Corolas and Camrys and let BMW do the work for its new Supra. Creative311 reports that there could also be some problems for the dealer that originally sold the vehicle, as Toyota prevented it from selling Land Cruisers for a certain period of time. It is next to the most reliable cars, not only because it bears the Toyota badge, but also because of its simple engineering and high-quality parts.

These buyers are a great advantage for the company, since they are not the average buyer, they add value to the company and define the true values of the Land Cruiser. The Toyota Land Cruiser withdraws from the US market due to declining sales, but the renowned off-road vehicle is a huge commercial success in other parts of the world. Every car manufacturer puts in the most features at the lowest price, and the Land Cruiser doesn't agree to those terms. As Toyota mentioned for MotorTrend, they will maintain their commitment to the large SUV segment and continue to explore future products that celebrate the Land Cruiser's rich off-road history.

The Land Cruiser has been Toyota's longest production model, since the Korean War in 1950. .

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